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How to use windows azure in Indonesia?


  • I plan to implement my website ( 4.0 & sql2008) using windows azure, but I have difficulty to do it because windows azure has not released yet in my country (Indonesia).

    Is it possible if my friend at Singapore registered windows azure on behalf my name and then I used the windows azure from Indonesia?

    Should someone would like to share the solution with the same problem would be appreciated.



    martedì 6 marzo 2012 10:09


  • I believe the countries and commercial availability is based on the credit card / payment process and business operation/location; this is for taxation and other legal obligations. If you have your friend in Singapore and if your friend can put his credit card and then add you as a co-admin in the azure portal, you are good to go with the Azure development.
    martedì 6 marzo 2012 11:39