API for Billing


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  • Not at this time. You have to log into with your Live ID to see whats going on from time to time. This thread  has good explanation on how to decipher the bill... 

    Paddy Srinivasan 
    Windows Azure Monitoring, Management & Smart Scaling 

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    12 Maret 2012 21:23
  • Thanks - disappointed that there is no API!
    13 Maret 2012 17:50
  • Ruchee (and everyone else) please upvote this response if you are interested in an API. I am investigating this right now from the Microsoft side.
    06 April 2012 18:04
  • Thanks Bilal! We are really interested in this functionality - any idea when can we expect this API?
    25 April 2012 21:58
  • Ruchee, I can't promise a date but it's high on our list of "most asked for" features

    --- Bilal Aslam Windows Azure (Billing and Signup)

    27 April 2012 23:24
  • Hi Bilal,

    Lot of good stuff in June 7th release - any updates on the billing side?



    19 Juni 2012 20:43
  • From the billing side, we now support Azure purchases in 48 new countries. Plus, we added the ability to download your usage history over a longer period of time. More coming :)

    --- Bilal Aslam Windows Azure (Billing and Signup)

    20 Juni 2012 16:45