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Could not be able to run a webiste on my azure account


  • I've an azure account and created a hosted service to host a webiste. When I uploaded the package the portal gave me a warning below:

    WARNING: While your deployment is suspended, it continues to accrue charges. Please delete the suspended deployment if you no longer wish to be charged for it. For more details visit Windows Azure Pricing FAQs.

    It seems that I didn't pay for the charge but I don't think so. Can anyone give me some ideas on what's wrong with my azure account, or how to check my subscription.




    mercredi 18 août 2010 09:48


  • Hi Shaun,

    This message is fine. Basically you would need to "run" your application by pressing the "Run" button (or something like it). What this message is trying to tell you is that a Virtual Machine has been deployed for you and is hosting your application and you'll be charged the rate whether your application is running or not (as in your case it is in suspended state). So as of now you are being charged $0.12 / hour.

    This message has been put on the portal because a number of users assumed that they are charged only when their application is "Running" which is not the case. As long as a VM is deployed for you, you will be charged per hour. If you do not want to get charged, just delete the deployment.

    Hope this helps.


    Gaurav Mantri

    Cerebrata Software


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