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Azure Server vs storage accounts


  • Hi.

    What is the difference between SQL servers and Storage accounts. Is it like SQL server is for relational databases (like SQL server) and storage accounts for Tables (NoSQL).

    Also is there a way to create SQL servers distributed in different data centers around US ? when I try to create a Storage account there, I can choose between 4 data centers around US, but when I try to create a SQL server, I only have one choice in US.



    domingo, 15 de abril de 2012 15:58


  • Question 1: Difference between SQL Server and Storage Account. I believe you are asking for the difference between SQL Azure and Azure Storage.

    Answer :

    • SQL Azure is almost like having a SQL Server (DB Server) on cloud. It has almost all the major functionalities of what you get in your on-premise SQL Server - DB Server. 
    • Azure Storage consists of Table, Blob, Queue and Drive. Table has a semi relational structure to store and retrieve data based on Keys [Row Key and Partition Key]. Blob is used to store any binary data [images, ppt, txt, etc.]. Queues are used for tasks and messages.

    Question 2: 

    Azure storage available in 4 locations and not SQL Azure.

    • US East and US West of Azure storage are new additions, for SQL Azure, give it a little while.
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