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Azure: "server is taking too long to respond" for a deployed project


  • Hi;

    We are using azure for trial basis.

    we have deployed a project at staged environment. after the deployment when we click the link then we found following message.

    Please help us to solve this issue.

    Note: "Helloworld" deployed and link worked fine.

    sábado, 03 de marzo de 2012 6:32


  • Hello.

    Try to access your deployment through its IP address (you can find it in Properties pane). If everything will be OK, then problem is in DNS - maybe, you can try to re-create your hosted service and deployment (first time i used Azure i encountered such a problem, re-creating hosted service solved my problem).

    Please give it a try and write here if something new will appear.

    sábado, 03 de marzo de 2012 17:12