Azure Update Management - Missing Computers since a few days RRS feed

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  • Thanks for reaching out! We would like you to take the following steps and then monitor the situation to verify if this corrects the problem for you.

    If you are using the Scope Configuration to target the Update Management solution to specific VMs then we would like you to delete and then recreate the scope configuration.

    Manually deleting the Update Management Scope Configuration :Navigate to your log analytics workspace -> Solutions -> Updates -> Solution Targeting and remove it (for update management it will be called MicrosoftDefaultScopeConfig-Updates)

    Navigate to your log analytics workspace -> Scope configurations and remove the scope configuration

    Navigate to your log analytics workspace ->Scope configurations ->Add: Add the name of the scope configuration with a name of MicrosoftDefaultScopeConfig-Updates and choose the correct computer group, default name of  MicrosoftDefaultScopeConfig-Updates

     Finally link the scope configuration back to the Update Solution - reversing step one above.

    Please revert to us for further questions.

    Monday, November 25, 2019 9:42 AM