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  • Hi there,

    When synchronizing the data between client and the server we send a Sync request containing Add, Change, Delete and Fetch elements.

    According to Exchange ActiveSync: Command Reference Protocol ([MS-ASCMD]) section

    Clients SHOULD limit the number of elements in command requests as specified in the following table.
    Servers SHOULD<27> impose the limits specified in the table and return the specified error if the limit
    is exceeded. Servers MAY<28> use different values for the limits specified in the table, so long as
    they conform to the specified minimum and maximum values.

    For the Sync command the table in the document contains the limiting value of 200 (minimum 1, maximum 2,147,483,647) and applies to the sum of the number of Add, Change, Delete and Fetch elements. That means we should normally limit the number of such elements to 200 within one Sync request, otherwise the client receives an error status code 4 in the response. However, servers MAY use different values for that limit. 

    Is there a way for the client to know the value for the limit for the sum of AddChangeDelete and Fetch elements? If we exceed the limit, the server doesn't return anything other than the error status code 4.

    Is there a way for the client to request the value for that limit, e.g. via Options request etc?

    Thanks and looking forward to the reply!


    Wednesday, March 22, 2017 4:37 PM


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