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    Team Foundation Server enhancements and fix suggestions:

    Originally generated from TFS2005, may not be fully updated to reflect TFS2008 yet.

    (This list is not necessarily all in priority order)


    This is built up from our experiences at a major financial firm:



    1. Would be really nice to have a view from source control explorer or the team explorer or both that could list all projects/solutions in flat format or other types of sorts to make it easier for people to find sub projects.  With a large set of projects it is hard for people to find the project files and solutions.  (Something that might help in standard view is offer a configurable icon for a folder that contains a solution or project.  In some build hierarchy’s it isn’t as obvious as you would like without that.
    2. When opening a file from source explorer and editing it does not ask to check it out when editing.  While VSS never let you touch a file not in the solution from the IDE, now that SCE is integrated it feels natural to do this and expect it will ask if you want to edit and checkout
    3. Should show on checkout if your current version is the latest version or not, give an indication. (Maybe indicate current workspace version and latest version) This is important because if we checkout an old version We may have more merge work to do (might think we have the latest version)  If the user doesn’t they might be willing to get the latest depending on what they are doing.  If we knew we didn’t have the latest version we might see if it made sense to do a Full get latest before editing to reduce my merge effort.



      1. Feature request: Shelve should save all current file versions in workspace and unshelve should have the option to restore your workspace to the time you shelved.  This allows completely restoring a workspace to a point in time. And TFS already has all of the functionality to do this.
      2. Support an option to create a set of system created shelvesets prior to any operation requiring a merge.  We often find it’s great to save all work prior to any merging to be safe.
      3. Rename of a top level folder that has a large amount of files and sub folders hangs interface for an extended period of time.  Reported after a long period could not delete old folder because not empty.  We guess due to builds.
      4. Support easier viewing of deleted files for admins – should be a button or a right click option – not requiring to go to tools/options source control


    5.        VSS Used to support a wild card search/status on source control, need similar capability on TFS (something better hopefully VSS’s wasn’t very good but was passable at least when you needed it).

    6.        Workspace settings should be sync’d between SCE and pending changes window by default – It can be VERY confusing when they get out of sync.

    7.        Get Latest should have on the context menu (Server and Workspace) options so you could ensure you have the latest server code if you select Server rather than having to do Get Specific versions and force get.

    8.        Standalone SCE viewer has been requested by several people now.

    9.        Allow filtering SCE view by what we want to see don’t show all projects, support sync with Team Explorer since source control is project based on top level too.

    10.     Add files should allow filtering by only files not already included in source control like VSS did.

    11.     Sometimes add files dialog does not check the files you just added, forcing you to do it yourself.

    12.     Add Files dialog does not support ctrl-a to select all files.  Should also have buttons to select all so keyboard shortcut isn’t needed.

    13.     Undo checkout unlock another users files should be accessible from the UI for an admin user. (This is a common enough action a UI is warranted)

    14.     Should have an option to prompt a user whenever an operation will require admin privileges to be invoked from the UI.  This would allow a team lead to be a foundation admin or project admin and not accidentally invoke the privilege and do potential damage. 

    15.     Support the same compare files options as VSS did.  Recursive, same files, different files only, etc.

    16.     FIX: Why does Get Latest get the shelveset version if you shelved/unshelved a shelveset rather than the latest for individual files at the top of the tree?

    17.     FIX: Why does the time on the compare windows for local files always show 1/1/0001 12:00?

    18.      Having workspaces that can’t be shared is a pain for shared resources (machines like test machines), with hard coded paths in projects since no two workspaces can have the same mapping (even if that mapping is a subst drive and does go somewhere different).  And the user trying to do it is warned but can’t see the other workspaces.  But should potentially allow sharing a workspace or somehow if the IDE could maintain it’s own environment for drive mappings and the workspace could support that the user would not have to care about where it is on the local drive.


    19.     FIX: If we try to compare my project file with the latest and we have just added a file it doesn’t warn me that we have to save the solution since it is in memory (When we do compare from pending changes window).  It shows no differences since it compares the file in the workspace that has not changed with source control.

    20.     Easier access to labels administration dialog

    21.     FIX: Treeview in SCE jumps around and collapses on a lot of different operations, making repetitive operations in the same area painful.

    22.     Have some clear indication about the relationship of files that will be checked in or not checked in.  It is too easy for people to make mistakes of unchecking files and selecting checkin later and missing files.  For example if someone clicks checkin from solution and they don’t have all of the files checked strongly indicate that in the checkin window what should they expect?.  Same goes for checkin from a directory structure if all files below are not checked strongly indicate that.  Perhaps the window should be a split window indicating files that won’t be checked in separate from files that will be so the user can see that there are files that won’t be checked in even if they would normally have been out of view in the display. Perhaps a strong indication that all files won’t be checked in.

    23.     Need better support of when common code lives in a separate project from where the solution lives (for example team build does not support solutions with projects that span team projects in TFS 2005)

    24.     Increase the number of supported team projects to be above 500 (maybe 5000) so there is less concern about performance impacts due to likely numbers.

    25.     Fix bug where resolve conflicts dial hangs when trying to select all files in it (when there is a large number like 7000). Also support select all button.

    26.     tf.exe and other command line tools should not require a workspace.  Should be able to explicitly specify a destination path.  Requiring a workspace causes issues for automated builds and tools that will then require creating and deleting unique workspaces to avoid conflicts.

    27.     Allow showing label history in the files history view, support expanding the changeset in the history view to see the file set in line.  Support filtering files in the list only by the folder we are viewing history rather than the changeset fileset.  Used to be able to find all files in a hierarchy that changed in VSS this way, now with changesets it is much harder to see this (make sure there is some type of strong indication of filtering).

    28.     Support rollback of multiple changesets, support rollback to label

    29.     Merge branch/changeset dialog should sort with most recent first and fill in background to see results immediately.

    30.     Perforce changes view? Some developers that have used other systems have said the annotate is minimal compared to other products that allow visually flipping through versions/changes. (I like annotate itself.. perhaps some additiona functionality?)

    31.     Can’t compare properties node in project but could when using VSS.

    32.     Drag and drop folders to move/branch items like VSS (but use the right sequencing unlike VSS).

    33.     Renamed a directory containing a project/solution, tried to add that solution to an existing solution was prompted with edit of read only file on the project file (that is part of the solution I am trying to add.. with only options of edit in memory, make writeable or cancel… it should have checked the file out.

    34.     Tried to do a merge branch of two changesets and it indicated source and target both have changes.  I wanted to say take changes from the source only but that wasn’t an option only merge for me. (Turned out multi-select didn’t have that option)



    35.     FIX: Occasionally get a warning some of the pending changes no longer exist, you must refresh prior to checkin??? I refreshed it changed from something to edit for a few files from something else and then I was able to checkin???

    36.     When editing a file launched from SCE it doesn’t even offer the checkout option just in memory edit or make writeable



    37.     A way to find all explicit permissions for a particular person or group?




    Tuesday, January 15, 2008 3:34 PM

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  • I would like to add my suggestion to this list (we use VS2008):

    It would be helpful if you were able to "unget" the contents of a project.  I.E., delete the files from the local workspace and set the SCE "latest"  status to "No" to indicate that a "Get" must be performed. 

    As a build maintainer I have to access a number of projects with a large number of files temporarily.  I don't want to have to keep copies of projects that I have completed working on.  I deal with a large amount of files and that can potentially clog my machine.

    A workaround that I had used was to create a workspace, get files, edit, check-in, delete workspace, delete local copies.  This is laborious and eventually I just gave up.

    Monday, November 3, 2008 3:59 PM