OWC 12 Pivot Table Formatting field labels in row and column...and equivalent of QueryComplete? RRS feed

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  • First off, hopefully the easier question of the two...We have an rather old application that utilized the xp version of Office Web Components, but due to the killbits set for that version, we are wanting to migrate this to OWC version 12. I've run into some hurdles along the way. I would like to be able to format the fields the same way the original application did (i.e. setting the background color, foreground color, font, etc) and for the most part have done so successfully except for the fields in the column, row, and page filter sections. The headers are formatting just fine, but just not the labels for the values in those areas themselves. What is the proper way to change those settings for those areas? The second question is related to the QueryComplete event that used to exist in the older version of the control. What replaces this in version 12? The reason that I ask is that there are certain formatting rules that need to be applied only after the query has completed and the data is about to be shown. Did the query event get changed to accomodate this? Any help would be greatly appreciated on this. Up until this point it's been pretty much a breeze getting it converted over to be used with jQuery and C# page methods.
    Friday, November 5, 2010 6:58 PM