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  • In TFS 2008, the way to do this is to create fields on your work item that track each of the checklist items.
    You'll see an example of how we implemented that internally at Microsoft here.

    In TFS 2010, you will be able to create a work item called "Exit Criteria", which can be linked to a work item for "Requirements". Then you can query for any "Exit Criteria" associated with this Requirement that hasn't been completed yet. In other words, we allow you to query across links in TFS 2010. That will provide that possibility.

    However, what we aren't supporting (yet) in TFS, is first-class knowledge of exit criteria, and the idea that you can have a standard set of criteria for a giving type of task ("Coding" for example), and that by making a task of type "Coding" you automatically get a set of exit criteria attached to it, which of course, can be modified for each specific task.

    You also talked about time-tracking. I guess I wouldn't tie time-tracking to exit criteria so much, I'm not sure how valueable that would be. But that's my opinion. I think what you are really interested in is how long it took to complete Feature "X", with all the costs required (including exit criteria).
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    Wednesday, March 18, 2009 7:37 PM
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