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  • Here's the challenge: there is a method to acquire local weather information from Weather Underground using their API, which is HTML-based.  Here is a sample of what I would send to their API:<Hex Key>

    The API responds with the following information: 

    {"observations":[{"stationID":"KMAHANOV10","obsTimeUtc":"2019-12-15T18:29:24Z","obsTimeLocal":"2019-12-15 13:29:24", 
    "neighborhood":"1505Broadway","softwareType":"Rainwise IP-100","country":"US","solarRadiation":null,"lon":-70.86485291,
    "realtimeFrequency":null,"epoch":1576434564,"lat":42.09263229,"uv":null,"winddir":202,"humidity":48,"qcStatus":1,"imperial":{"temp":46,"heatIndex":46,"dewpt":28,"windChill":43,"windSpeed":5,"windGust":8,"pressure":29.61,"precipRate":0.00, "precipTotal":0.00,"elev":104}}]}

    I checked the source for the page where the data was returned and the source matched what was on the screen, nothing additional - which is exactly what I want.

    The above works just fine, but here's where I have a question:  I DO NOT want to retrieve the data from a Web client; I want to retrieve it from an application (standalone .EXE).  ASP.NET seems to be for Web clients only (can you tell I've never used it?); I was hoping to find something in .NET or .NET Core where I can retrieve the data; then I can easily parse it in a KEYWORD=VALUE fashion and display it in my application's UI.

    Do such functions exist within .NET/.NET Core?  If so, I just haven't found any references.


    Monday, December 16, 2019 1:59 AM

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