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  • First off, great spec it really opens up for some new possibilities .


    I foresee the need to see/query a history list for all or a subset of properties on a given artifact, I could imagine this will be included in the history list of a WI but for the rest?? A possible scenario where this would be needed could be for troubleshooting especially when workflow is involved.

    It’s important to ensure that when manipulating the properties on an artifact that this is reflected in through the TFS eventing model so we can use the same M.O. to extend the behavior.


    By not having query functionality on properties really limits the possibility for including this information in reports and other type of lists like shelvesets with missing code reviews. Another scenario could be if implementing quality gates on a Branch/folder/file level and store the information in properties it is vital to present a overview of artifacts where certain properties have a given value or have a certain property defined (regardless of its value) to determine if Branch or part of it is ready for promoting.


    The missing query functionality is indeed VERY high on my list of missing features so if at all please consider this again.


    It would be nice with the possibly to add columns in the list of attachments and links on a WI to display a specific set of property values for a list of linked artifacts. This could in some way compensate for the missing query functionality.





    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 5:33 AM

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  • Some more random thoughts…..


    The possibility to extend the property page on a given artifact in version control to provide custom UI for manipulating properties so users don’t have to edit name value pairs would be very useful. An example could be a property page for manipulating quality gate values or setting code review state on a shelveset.




    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 6:05 AM