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  • I am writing in reference to the DR scenario of ServiceBus. I have a question regarding to this system.

    I  verified that ServiceBus is capable of  being manual failover from primary to another region secondary

     in case of disaster and outage by setting up the Dpairing

    In this cace, entity and settings would be replicated and not about messages.

    I  verified that worked

    OK , here is the question.

    In case of the system like consumer’s demand for sequencing and ordering, some message would be skipped by the manual failover

    by using of session id for ordering.

    I mean, I'm afraid inconvenience for consumers would be happened.

    What is the effective step when the system by using ServiceBus?

    Friday, March 13, 2020 2:47 AM


  • When using geo-disaster recovery feature of the Azure Service Bus (Premium), you have to pair the primary and the secondary namespaces first. When that's done, you get an alias to be used from that point in time and on. The alias ensures applications connected to the primary namespace continue to function when failover takes place. Make sure you use the issued alias in your sender and receiver applications. For details, see the documentation.

    Also these are fundamentally two different scenarios. When temporary outage is taking place, all of the scheduled messages are retained and will show up in the queue when the namespace becomes available. With disaster recovery, on the other hand, we're talking about a catastrophic event where you'll fail over to another namespace.

    A disaster is defined as the permanent, or longer-term loss of a Service Bus cluster, Azure region, or datacenter.

    As of today, this will not carry over data plane and messages, scheduled or not, will not be transitioned over either. In case the original namespace does recover after the disaster, you will be able to access the scheduled messages that were sent prior to the disaster taking place.

    Friday, March 13, 2020 3:23 AM