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  • We’re pleased to announce the release of 4 features added to our Bing offers on Azure DataMarket.  These enhancements may look familiar to those who have applications built with the legacy API 2.0 service.  The following features are now available in the Bing API and Bing API Web Only offers:

    -          “Options” search request parameter

    -          Multiple filtering support

    -          Composite Metadata

    “Options” new optional search request parameter

    This optional parameter enables partners to pass a string of search options like “EnableHighlighting”.  Specifying this option means that Bing will use a special character to identify the beginning and the end of a query term that appears in results.  Bing uses special characters to identify the beginning and the end of a query term that appears in results. These characters are E000 and E001, respectively.  This capability is supported in the Web, News & Related Search data sources only.

    Multiple filtering support

    Both image and video data sources now support multiple filters on the request.  For instance, to filter images by size, color and style, you can pass the value “Size:Medium+Color:Color+Style:Photo” in a request to the image data source.

    Composite Metadata

    Metadata refers to Bing API data that are applicable to all the results returned.  For instance, metadata includes the estimated total results from which the Bing API returned results from.  Other data returned include the altered query.  This is helpful for the scenario where your application wants to present an “Are you looking for…” link if end-users to your app misspelled a query term.  Accessing metadata is found in the content section of queries to the Composite service operation.  Composite service operations are new to the Bing API Web only offer.  It provides web results in the upper <link> section and metadata in the <content> section of the Bing API results.


    To review the schema changes representing these enhancements, please visit the Bing API offers schema definitions.

    Bing Search API$metadata

    Bing Search API Web Only$metadata

    Lester Jackson – Bing API Program Management

    Thursday, June 28, 2012 8:28 PM

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