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  • From the screenshots within the specification - it appears that the Bug Portal in a standalone web application. I would like to have the ability to integrate the bug submission / review for end-users directly into the application, instead of requiring them to enter (and learn) a separate interface/application.


    We have currently incorporated a custom web page into our web applications that allows end-users to submit bugs directly into TFS. The page is accessed from inside our application as a link right in the master page.


    I would like the ability to do the same thing with the Bug Portal - allow a button or hyperlink to open a new work item without sending the user to a different web site or user experience. In our current environment - we use our custom work item form / bug submission for to pass additional information (via queryString) to the work item - which helps us to link bugs to application errors that are logged in our system. (We provide the user the ability off the application error page - to submit a related bug).


    It would be valuable to also be able to include the listing of work items as perhaps a WebPart that could be dropped into any ASP.NET 2.0 application or even SharePoint interface. I assume this would then put additional demands (given the current architecture) to have the Team Explorer or related assemblies present on the web server - but would provide a more integrated experience for end-users.

    Friday, March 28, 2008 6:17 PM

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  • Thanks for the feedback, your suggestions are important for us to move the product forward.


    WIWA (or TSWA) does not have reusable components that you can insert in your application, but we do have some level of reusability enabled by providing direct access URLs to certain TFS artifacts.


    You can take a look at Buck's blog post about these direct links.


    Another feature you can use is the initial values for new work items, such as:


    http://<server>/wi.aspx?pname=MyProject&wit=Bug&[Title]=Bug Bash&[AssignedTo]=Hakan Eskici&[Iteration Path]=MyProject\Iteration2&[FoundIn]=9.0.30304


    For more details on this on What's New in TSWA 2008 SP1. (Also works with WIWA).


    I know these are not exactly what you're looking for, but might help in most cases.


    Let me know if you have any questions.




    Monday, April 14, 2008 6:49 PM