Can I use Keras with Azure Windows?


  • Thank you,

    I have already created my .h5 models and have many thousands of excel spreadsheets.
    What I require doing is uploading code I have already created in Python 3+ and Keras. This is the validation code, I have 6 months of data I would like to validate (manipulate 2000+ excel spreadsheets for each validation day) ; it simply takes me too long from home and I was hoping this would be quicker?

    To install Keras on my home machine I used the CMD command lines (i.e pip install --upgrade keras), can I do this on Azure?

    Am I wasting my time trying to install Keras with windows on Azure? Is there any documentation for docking Keras ?

    Should I convert to Linux?

    I am not professionally trained so I am a little lost here :(

    Saturday, January 5, 2019 12:48 AM

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