How to get server path of VHD drive


  • I want to get the server path of VHD drive. I am working on azure web application. I have some files uploaded and saved it in to the Test.VHD drive (say). This is a cloud drive inside some blob container "drives" (say). I mounted and mapped it by following way:

        driveLetter = drive.Mount(localCache.MaximumSizeInMegabytes - 20, DriveMountOptions.Force);

    "driveLetter" is "A:\" (say). Now I am displaying all the pdf file names as link buttons on the page. On click of those files I want to open that pdf file in the browser by using the javascript function, pdfName, 'scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes');

    My question is what do I have to pass as a "pdfPath" parameter?

    I have the path "A:\Uploads\<pdf name>.pdf". But I can't pass it. I have to pass it like http://servername:port/path so that user can view it.

    But I don't know how to convert it to the link like http://servername:port/path. By doing this I can view the pdf in the browser.

    Please help me,

    Thanks in advance.

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