Couldn't create a new SendGrid Account in Azure Portal RRS feed

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  • Hello Everyone, 

    I'm using Azure Portal with Pay-As-You-Go subscription, I'm owner this account, I'm creating a SendGrid account in Azure Portal, but not successful. 

    In the "Review legal terms" option, It shows me: "
    We were unable to get information for your resources.". and bellow is my Console log message when I inspected the browsers 

    [Microsoft_Azure_Marketplace]  6:28:25 PM MarketplaceExtension/Gallery/ViewModels/Parts/LegalTermsV2PartViewModel LegalTermsV2PartViewModel: description: 
    logAsError: true
    message: Failed to load legal terms for subscription "***************************" and products [Sendgrid:sendgrid_azure] because ratings API failed with error code: BadRequest. GetSpecsCosts status code: BatchFailed
    name: LegalTermsError
    number: 0
    stack: Error
       at i (https://marketplace.hosting.portal.azure.net/marketplace/Content/Dynamic/kmsNktalK2Yf.js:29:668)
       at n.prototype._generateLegalTermsDescription (https://marketplace.hosting.portal.azure.net/marketplace/Content/Dynamic/kAXQsHjk2SXW.js:4:10537)
       at Anonymous function (https://marketplace.hosting.portal.azure.net/marketplace/Content/Dynamic/kAXQsHjk2SXW.js:4:14556)
       at o (https://portal.azure.com/Content/Dynamic/jUFrF_6FnicM.js:4:63)
       at Anonymous function (https://portal.azure.com/Content/Dynamic/jUFrF_6FnicM.js:4:5150)
    userFriendlyMessage: An error occurred while fetching the legal terms and prices for your purchase. Please include the following information in any support request:
    Subscription ID: **************************
    Products: Sendgrid:sendgrid_azure
    GetSpecsCosts status code: BatchFailed
    Ratings API error code: BadRequest

    I used Edge, Edge in Private and Google Chrome, but all of them are not working 

    Please advice



    Monday, May 27, 2019 11:37 AM

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