Any tools out there to visualize dependencies in azure? Specifically, logic apps. RRS feed

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  • So we've built out a CLI that integrates with the Azure API to pull arm templates from our dev environment and push them to our production environment. In doing so, we've lost the clear visibility of which logic apps are subscribing and publishing to what queues/topics on our service bus. This makes it difficult for new and existing developers to follow the chain of service bus publishes/and subscriptions over time. 

    The motivation behind the CLI was to be able to get all of our arm templates in version control and build a CI/CD pipeline at some point to get changes to production in an automated CI/CD-like fashion.

    The motivation behind parameterizing our subscriptions and publishes in logic apps was to give us the ability to build out saga patterns and leverage toggles to turn certain pieces on and off, etc. 

    Here's an example of what we see right now:

    Since we cannot see the values in the visual editor of our logic apps, this makes it quite difficult to track down what topics messages are going and being subscribed to. 

    In the short term, are there any tools that anyone is aware of that can give us visibility into this? We've been trying to maintain documentation to keep track of all this, but you know how that goes. The documentation always seems to lag behind the changes.

    This is what we were hoping to visualize with a tool that might be available:

    In the long term, are there other approaches you would recommend? How are others managing their azure environments and getting changes from one environment to another?

    Wednesday, August 28, 2019 10:59 PM

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