Virtual Network, Azure Connect, DNS, and VM


  • Several small questions here:

    After I created a Win2012 VM, within my Virtual Networks, I wonder then how to enable this VM to use Azure Connect? I have Azure Connect on my desktop.

    So Virtual Networks is for group-to-group talking, but unless my network admin config his VPN server accordingly, this won't happen, is that correct? Then I only left Azure Connect to play with?

    When I created my Virtual Network, I followed the How-To page to create a DNS, then it seems that my VM can't figure out any domain name, so what does this creating a DNS means? Is that I need to take that IP and config my VM as a DNS server as well, or something else?

    If I want multiple VM within a Region/DataCentre to 'see' each other, what tool/feature I need?

    If I want multiple VM cross Region/DataCentre to 'see' each other, what I need?

    What about multiple VM all able to 'talk' to my desktop?



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