Azure Key Value Password Error


  • Logging this on behalf of @T_Southerland on Twitter:

    "I am having some trouble downloading a test SSL Cert that I add to secrets.

    About a week ago the only way to get a cert out of secrets was to use powershell. You have now added a new feature to download them straight from the online interface.

    Here are the steps I am taking:

    1. Adding the PFX to secrets - entering in the password for the pfx file and adding a name "mapcheckdisclousesource"

    2. Opening up the pane to look at the secret details. 

    3. Click "Download as a certificate" to test the feature. We would rather not use powershell to have to pull the secrets from the vault. 

    4. After downloading, I open the file and enter the password. The Same password I put into AKV to upload the pfx file.

    5. It throws me this error:

    Can someone please assist?"

    Created this forum on behalf of the customer. Customer originally posted this to due to mistake we made with a hyperlink.

    Thanks in advance,


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