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  • Hey, can't say how grateful I am to have found this forum!  Although I'm not from the robotics community, I am a crafter of sorts and have an idea for a little device I'd like to build, and I need your advice on where to go from here.

    My task is fairly simple.  I work in an industry that uses 6-8" computer tablets, and when a part of the screen changes color to indicate an available 'job,' whoever hits the on-screen 'button' first gets the job, thusly increasing their income.  Basically, I just need to create a device that senses when that particular part of the screen changes color, and then automatically responds with some type of actuator (I assume) to make contact with the screen using a stylus device.

    Sounds simple?  I hope so!

    I know this may take some work, but I'm def willing to make an investment in time and effort.

    Without going into further detail I should stop short and simply this the place I need to be to begin developing such an idea?  Also, I'd like to try to develop this idea simultaneously at as many locations as possible here on the net; so if there's another place besides here that may be of help I would surely appreciate some direction.

    Looking forward to your ideas and questions!

    Thursday, September 1, 2016 8:27 PM