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  • This is a casual topic? Or not - on edge of an annual Dw subscription here (all-or-none budget). Okay, let's get into it!

    Fp had a fantastic menu tool called Recalculate Hyperlinks. Xs moved RH into strictly Dynamic Web Template territory. It works well there, if you keep your eyes on the Witch!. That is, one click in your DWT site and instantly all broken links are healed. Even gives you some editing links over-sight, which never happened in Fp... There the joy ends, unfortunately. As your site decays (C'MON folks, nobody and nothing is perfect) you will notice that not everything broken is healed. Using the Hyperlinks panel in Site View, you can manual set everything right and DWT's RH roars back to life! Aren't we romantic, today.

    Now, today I noticed for the first time in 4 dreamy years that the Hyperlinks Panel also uncovers link woes in sites that are not DWT. What does this mean for site designers trying to pep up decaying non-DWT sites?

    Who can forget Fp hassels! Not me. Working with a trans-Atlantic dev team today and noticed EW4SP2 getting squirrely trying to update links as file and folder names change. Looked in that Hyperlinks panel and lo-and-behold there were files linkd into objects where the files no longer existed! Add to that, my links have stopped updatig when I change file names. and all sorts of alarms start sounding. 

    Will manually correcting screwed up links knock out (or at least reduce) link ghosting? How does Xs decay in that way? Why, when I run a report and locate ghost links, am I suddenly unable to delete them in the Hyperlinks panel?

    As a final thought, naturally when I am using Xs, I will manually browse all my folders where links have changed and DELETE! those ghost links religiously, before we move on. This seems to arrest EW's squirreliness. It would be nice if the root cause was fixed. I am no enginneer, but I cannot help noticing that the squirrels are always out of the bag, trying to use 32-bit apps on my Intel 64-bit SSD platform. For example, it took Adobe 7 months to get PsCS6 able to perform a transparency mask here.

    Final question. When is Xs going 64?

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012 1:54 AM