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  • I spoke to support on Twitter about this and they asked me to create a thread here.

    I am trying to deploy Azure AD Domain Services and the processed finished with an error.  The error code simply says "OK" for the failed task.  I cannot post screenshots here yet until my account is verified,but here is a text link:


    Resource ID is


    This is all I have to work with:

    "The managed domain is in a failed state. Contact support with your Azure AD tenant ID and the domain name of the managed domain."

    If it is of any help, I previously created a Domain Services resource with the same name, but had to delete it because of a mistake in the networking config.  The first time it deployed fine, however it was on a different virtual network.

    Any idea how to further debug?  Thank you

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  • If you have issues with your managed domain, check to see if the steps outlined in the Troubleshooting Guide resolve the issue. Once retry the deployment of managed domain using Azure portal. If you're still having trouble, feel free to contact us at: Azure AD Domain Services Feedback.

    I cannot post screenshots here yet until my account is verified:

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  • I do not feel as this is a satisfactory answer.  I was told by Azure support on Twitter that this issue was being escalated internally and engineers were expecting to see my post here.   The problem is that Azure gave me the error message "OK", even though it failed to deploy. There is no further troubleshooting I can do without a proper error message.

    Please see twitter chat log (irrelevant chats omitted):

    Azure Support: Hello. We are looking into this and will let you know what we have found. Please stay tuned.  ^RS

    Me: Thank you very much!

    Azure Support: After further review, we would like to get you connected with an engineer. Could you please post this here: http://aka.ms/azadMSDNforumq  and send us the link? We will ensure that the team is made aware. ^RS

    Me: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/69e8ab80-5b41-4117-b1ae-a0df96f59ecc/azure-ad-domain-service-deployment-failed-with-error-code-ok?forum=WindowsAzureAD …

    Azure Support:  Got it. Thank you. We have escalated this internally. An engineer will be reaching out via the forum. Please feel free to keep us updated.  ^RS

    I can contact the email address you suggested but this is not how I was told this was going to play out.  Thanks.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for your post. As I review your post it seems you are not able to even create Azure AD Domain Service resource in Azure Portal as per the steps in this document and its errors out. 

    Regarding Network name conflicts, ensure that the DNS domain name you have chosen for the managed domain does not already exist in the virtual network. Specifically, check whether:

    • You already have an Active Directory domain with the same DNS domain name on the virtual network.
    • The virtual network where you plan to enable the managed domain has a VPN connection with your on-premises network. In this scenario, ensure you don't have a domain with the same DNS domain name on your on-premises network.
    • You have an existing cloud service with that name on the virtual network.

    Let me know if you still face issue and help with steps you are following to know till what point you are reaching in your deployment before you see an error.

    Tuesday, May 22, 2018 11:45 PM