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  • I see that the wise people at MS have decided that SSRS and Sharepoint will be cross sold. Power view is not supported in SSRS native mode!! Do you see what a huge handicap this is for, not me but YOU?  We build apps that internet users use and sharepoint doesn't fit our strategy in that space. How do we deliver great BI there if you aren't investing there?

    I work for a huge organization that invests hundreds of millions of $$ in technology each year. And everybody has begun to hate MS BI tools. They are talking about Tableau, Birt and Pentaho and we who have been loyal to MS for years have no way of convincing people. Just imagine, i had convinced everybody that report models are the answer to all their ad-hoc reporting needs and got that adopted and we hear that they would be deprecated going forward!! They are not even editable in 2012!! Now i look like a fool and the other projects heard the story and chose Tableau.

    What's going on guys? Would someone step up and answer please?

    What's your commitment to native SSRS? We DON'T WANT to use sharepoint everywhere - we use it inside the organization where it works well - thank you.

    Saturday, February 18, 2012 2:00 AM

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  • I totally agree and seeked out this forum to express this same exact problem.. Power View is a GREAT idea that is poorly implemented by being tied to SharePoint. I would have loved to integrate Power View into our web based application and our client would have loved the capability to do some self-BI based on a predefined data-model that my IT team builds.   This could have been a major selling point for us using SQL Server, SSRS and PowerView but instead is a disappointment. :-( 

    Dear, dear Microsoft. What ever happened to your love of "Developers, developers, developers"??? By supporting us with a Power View product that developers could have integrated into our applications you could have had much bigger sales.. I would have even paid extra beyond SQL Server pricing for it. Especially with the promise of these reports and data views being usable on tablets and other "touch devices" in the mobile space!

    The power in your products is not how MS helps itself! True success comes from helping your customers be successful. 



    Thursday, March 22, 2012 9:10 PM