how can i troubleshoot easyauth errors? RRS feed

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  • sending requests to /.auth/login/aad, i'm ending up with the browser stuck in the oauth flow at login.microsoftonline.com, waiting for a response from the POST to /.auth/login/aad/callback. after 2-3 min, the browser displays 500 - The request timed out.. I have all logging enabled, but see nothing after Received request: POST https://mytenant.azurewebsites.net/.auth/login/aad/callback in the app service "Log Stream".

    how can i troubleshoot this?

    Wednesday, December 7, 2016 2:14 AM

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  • Greetings!

    Thank you for posting here!

    Are you referring to any Azure documentation for the Authentication and authorization steps? If you haven’t checked this already, kindly follow the steps outlined in the link here and see if that helps.

    Also, I would suggest you take a Fiddler trace to analyze the issue:


    Hope this helps!



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    Wednesday, December 7, 2016 3:36 PM
  • Hi ephemerality,

    We are experiencing the exact issue you are describing here. Have you been able to troubleshoot this?


    I found the following workaround

    If you make a request to the same server with "/.auth/me" after it looks as if the server would flush that file and any subsequent calls to the original URL would work out

    In case this helps while we are trying to get a solution



    Monday, December 19, 2016 5:04 PM
  • I have not been able to troubleshoot this. I continue to experience this issue regularly and intermittently.

    The suggestion to use Fiddler to trace the issue was not helpful. I need much more specific instructions for troubleshooting this issue. What should I look for in a fiddler trace? I see the request to /.auth/login/aad/callback, and I see a 500/timeout response several minutes later. There's nothing in a fiddler trace that helps me to understand why that's happening.

    Also, Dani: requests to /.auth/me don't seem to have any effect for me. Are you just manually navigating to https://yourtenant.azurewebsites.net/.auth/me in a browser (and seeing a 401 if you inspect network activity), or are you sending an authenticated request to /.auth/me?

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    Thursday, December 22, 2016 5:37 PM
  • Sorry I did not reply on this:

    I am just manually navigating to the previously failed page (returning 500) and entering at the end "/.auth/me" this seems to be refreshing the status.

    NOTE: I am in parallel reviewing with MSFT Support hoping they find a solution for this reproducible problem in our environment.

    Wednesday, January 25, 2017 2:10 PM