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    I am trying to create a simple photo gallery with thumbnails.   Basically, I created an xml file with the thumbnail name, location and the large file name and location.  I create a list box on the artboard and drag in the thumbs_name.  Works fine.  Then I create a grid and drag in the large name (from the imported xml file under DATA).  I then select the grid, under data binding(in the common properties) go to "element property" tab -> select listbox->selectedItem:(Object).  Run the program, doesn't work.   Can someone please help me out here - a video tutorial would be most helpful.  I've googled this question and have watched lots of videos on data binding. There are some good ones out there, but I haven't found one specific to linking the data content of an xml file's content to a large image.

    I also tried creating the listbox, dragging the xml data source of the thumbnail images into the listbox.  Next, I created a grid next to that and dragged the thumbnail image data source while holding down the alt key.  When I ran the program, it worked when I clicked on the thumbnails - the small image would appear in the grid box.  However, what I really want to do is have the grid box bring up the large image of the thumbnail.  I think that I'm almost there.  Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?


    Thanks for your consideration

    -Robert Cummings

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