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    I have the following problem when creating a Resource Demand v Capacity report in Power BI from data in Project Online. I am using the following tables ResourceDemandTimephasedDataSet & ResourceTimephasedDataSet. I want to show Resource Demand across a year by month with the Capacity that can then be sliced by team, resource, role. Capacity comes through in hours per day the same as the Resource Demand data, but will not adapt to the monthly view.

    I suspect that the answer may lie in the relationship of the tables. When I try to connect ResourceDemandTimephasedDataSet & ResourceTimephasedDataSet it comes up with an error message stating that there are no unique columns (despite both containing ResourceId & TimeByDay). I have tried linking both by the TimeByDay column in the TimeSet table instead. It allows me to do this, but I still get the same issue. My graphs does show Resource Demand broken down by month, but the Capacity one only shows a figure by day which does not correlate as it does not round up the totals into a monthly data set.

    I would have thought this is something that others will have encountered. I use the out of the box Project Online reports for team views, but this is limited to 100 users, so I really wanted to use something in Power BI instead, especially as it should give me the ability to slice the data in more ways!

    Any help with this issue, much appreciated. I have been battling this for a good few hours now!



    PMO Getech

    Friday, June 26, 2020 11:55 AM

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