Snapshot memory usage unclear in output of Performance & Diagnostics tool. RRS feed

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  • I have been attempting to use the Diagnostic tool for memory usage in Visual Studio and the output is unclear to me. I am working on a universal app, native code, testing on a phone device in VS 2015 RC (and 2013 w/ update 4) community.

    What is unclear to me is the discrepancy between the heap size stated in snapshots (and the breakdown when I open it) and the process memory usage live data graph. Additionally if I take multiple snap shots, successive ones could show a smaller heap size despite an increase in process memory usage.

    For example, I currently have a data set where I took a single snapshot. It lists 54.92 MB heap size, however the process memory usage shows 286.3 MB. 

    Why is there this discrepancy? My assumption is the process memory usage is good a reflection of when the app will be killed due to out of memory; however it doesn't give me much to work with in what to fix. Conversely, the snap shot gives me much more information to narrow down on things using memory, but doesn't really give me stable information to attack the biggest culprits in memory usage. The best I can come up with for the discrepancy is either the snap shot only examines a slice of data (though why allow for comparison since successive snapshots aren't actually comparable), or there is a chunk of data I don't actually have access to (or anymore; but then how do I tell what it is).
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