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  • Hi,

    I have recently deployed ASDK 1.1907 with success and I successfully registered that ASDK instance to Azure (against my MSDN/Visual Studio Enterprise subscription). After a while, I noticed a warning message for my ASDK instance, in the Dashboard/Alert: "Azure Stack AAD Home Directory needs to be configured".

    If I click on the alert to get details information and then click on the remediation link, I am directed to "https://github.com/Azure/AzureStack-Tools/tree/master/Identity#updating-the-azure-stack-aad-home-directory-after-installing-updates-or-new-resource-providers" 

    I am not quite sure what action(s) do I need to take?

    Any help and tips would be welcome.

    Best regards


    Tuesday, August 13, 2019 9:47 PM


  • Import the 2 modules below before running the 'Update-AzsHomeDirectoryTenant'

    (They are located in the AzureStack-Tools-master directory)

    Import-Module ..\Connect\AzureStack.Connect.psm1 Import-Module ..\Identity\AzureStack.Identity.psm1

    Wednesday, August 14, 2019 9:30 PM

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  • The doc at that page outlines what steps you should take. You are using ASDK 1.1907 and need to update the home directory, so the first and 3rd sections apply to you. 

    for the first section, you need to install Azure PowerShell. The best way to install Azure PowerShell for Azure Stack is to use the following script:

    Install-Module -Name AzureRM.BootStrapper

    Next, select the proper module:

    Use-AzureRmProfile -Profile 2019-03-01-hybrid -Force
    Install-Module -Name AzureStack -RequiredVersion 1.7.2

    and Last, we will need to update the home directory. You will need to change the <homeDirectoryTenant> with your own AAD tenant:

    $adminResourceManagerEndpoint = "https://adminmanagement.local.azurestack.external"

    $homeDirectoryTenantName = "<homeDirectoryTenant>.onmicrosoft.com" # this is the primary tenant Azure Stack is registered to

    Update-AzsHomeDirectoryTenant -AdminResourceManagerEndpoint $adminResourceManagerEndpoint -DirectoryTenantName $homeDirectoryTenantName -Verbose

    and that should update the home directory. 

    Wednesday, August 14, 2019 6:35 PM
  • Thank you very much for your clarification.

    I have applied the commands in step 1 to install Azure Powershell for Azure Stack from the ASDK server (the same ASDK server I used to register ASDK instance to my Azure AAD tenant).

    However, the powershell cmdlet "Update-AzsHomeDirectoryTenant" is not recognized as a name for a cmdlet.

    I verified the installation of Azure Powershell for Azure Stack using the commands below after applying the commands in Step 1 to install Azure powershell for Azure Stack:

    Get-Module -Name "Azure*" -ListAvailable
    Get-Module -Name "Azs*" -ListAvailable

    ModuleType Version    Name                                ExportedCommands                                                          
    ---------- -------    ----                                ----------------                                                          
    Script     4.5.0      Azure.Storage                       {Get-AzureStorageTable, New-AzureStorageTableSASToken, New-AzureStorageT...
    Script     2.5.0      AzureRM                                                                                                       
    Script     0.5.0      AzureRM.BootStrapper                {Update-AzureRmProfile, Uninstall-AzureRmProfile, Install-AzureRmProfile...
    Script     4.6.1      AzureRM.Compute                     {Remove-AzureRmAvailabilitySet, Get-AzureRmAvailabilitySet, New-AzureRmA...
    Script     3.5.1      AzureRM.Dns                         {Get-AzureRmDnsRecordSet, New-AzureRmDnsRecordConfig, Remove-AzureRmDnsR...
    Script     5.1.5      AzureRM.Insights                    {Get-AzureRmMetricDefinition, Get-AzureRmMetric, Remove-AzureRmLogProfil...
    Script     4.2.0      AzureRM.KeyVault                    {Add-AzureKeyVaultCertificate, Set-AzureKeyVaultCertificateAttribute, St...
    Script     5.0.1      AzureRM.Network                     {Add-AzureRmApplicationGatewayAuthenticationCertificate, Get-AzureRmAppl...
    Script     5.8.3      AzureRM.profile                     {Disable-AzureRmDataCollection, Disable-AzureRmContextAutosave, Enable-A...
    Script     6.4.3      AzureRM.Resources                   {Get-AzureRmProviderOperation, Remove-AzureRmRoleAssignment, Get-AzureRm...
    Script     5.0.4      AzureRM.Storage                     {Get-AzureRmStorageAccount, Get-AzureRmStorageAccountKey, New-AzureRmSto...
    Script     4.0.2      AzureRM.Tags                        {Remove-AzureRmTag, Get-AzureRmTag, New-AzureRmTag}                       
    Script     4.0.3      AzureRM.UsageAggregates             Get-UsageAggregates                                                       
    Script     5.0.1      AzureRM.Websites                    {Get-AzureRmAppServicePlan, Set-AzureRmAppServicePlan, New-AzureRmAppSer...
    Script     1.7.2      AzureStack                                                                                                    

    ModuleType Version    Name                                ExportedCommands                                                          
    ---------- -------    ----                                ----------------                                                          
    Script     0.2.2      Azs.Azurebridge.Admin               {Get-AzsAzureBridgeProduct, Invoke-AzsAzureBridgeProductDownload, Get-Az...
    Script     0.3.1      Azs.Backup.Admin                    {Get-AzsBackupConfiguration, Get-AzsBackup, Restore-AzsBackup, Set-AzsBa...
    Script     0.2.2      Azs.Commerce.Admin                  Get-AzsSubscriberUsage                                                    
    Script     0.2.3      Azs.Compute.Admin                   {Get-AzsVMExtension, Remove-AzsComputeQuota, New-AzsComputeQuota, Add-Az...
    Script     0.4.1      Azs.Fabric.Admin                    {Restart-AzsInfrastructureRoleInstance, Get-AzsScaleUnitNode, Disable-Az...
    Script     0.2.2      Azs.Gallery.Admin                   {Add-AzsGalleryItem, Remove-AzsGalleryItem, Get-AzsGalleryItem}           
    Script     0.3.2      Azs.Infrastructureinsights.Admin    {Close-AzsAlert, Get-AzsRegionHealth, Get-AzsAlert, Get-AzsRPHealth...}   
    Script     0.2.2      Azs.Keyvault.Admin                  Get-AzsKeyVaultQuota                                                      
    Script     0.2.2      Azs.Network.Admin                   {Get-AzsNetworkQuota, New-AzsNetworkQuota, Get-AzsNetworkAdminOverview, ...
    Script     0.2.3      Azs.Storage.Admin                   {Restore-AzsStorageAccount, New-AzsStorageQuota, Get-AzsStorageFarmMetri...
    Script     0.2.2      Azs.Subscriptions                   {Get-AzsDelegatedProviderOffer, Remove-AzsSubscription, Get-AzsOffer, Ne...
    Script     0.3.3      Azs.Subscriptions.Admin             {Add-AzsPlanToOffer, Get-AzsSubscriptionsQuota, Get-AzsDelegatedProvider...
    Script     0.2.3      Azs.Update.Admin                    {Resume-AzsUpdateRun, Get-AzsUpdateLocation, Get-AzsUpdateRun, Get-AzsUp...

    AzureRM and Azure Stack are displayed in the output of these commands.

    Did I miss anything?



    Wednesday, August 14, 2019 8:15 PM
  • Import the 2 modules below before running the 'Update-AzsHomeDirectoryTenant'

    (They are located in the AzureStack-Tools-master directory)

    Import-Module ..\Connect\AzureStack.Connect.psm1 Import-Module ..\Identity\AzureStack.Identity.psm1

    Wednesday, August 14, 2019 9:30 PM
  • Thank you so much for your detailed information and valuable guidance.

    It helps run the AzureStack update command successfully.

    Best regards


    Friday, August 16, 2019 8:29 PM