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  • I set up flow to create trello cards for keyword in my email subjects. My goal was to have it skip the first 22 characters and then take the last substring and put in front of the remaining words. The code I came up with was this.


    now i had a feeling this wouldn't work because the substring need a 3rd value for position.

    My problem is that of all the functions I viewed everything takes starting from the front

    what I need is to take starting from the back but haven't found anything that can do that so I felt

    this was the right direction but now I'm a bit stuck.

    The reason I need to do it this way is because for these emails I'm trying to set up with flow,

    The first 22 letters are always the same and I don't need them, the last substring is always a date

    and the middle content is what varies and I need the date to appear first.

    Friday, November 30, 2018 7:44 PM

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