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How can I figure out what Azure will cost


  • I developed a Lightswitch application, very small database < 7MB, 20 tables most have < 100 rows, 3 tables have over 1000 rows, the largest is 2300 rows. I got a 3 month trial Azure subscription, spent 3 days figuring it out, published the application maybe a half dozen times, finally got the data and application uploaded to Azure and everything working. I demo'ed it to a potential customer yesterday, (~2 hours); which went really well. Now I'm trying to put together a proposal and I have no idea on how to estimate cost of this.

    I checked out the the portal, expecting to see practically no usage. Suprisingly it shows some significant usage and what I see I don't understand. The portal shows "Database (db/month) - Web Edition 8.064% of 1 db/month". What's a db? Is this a typo, should it be GB? For the size of the database and the little amount of work I did, the figure seems very inflated. Also, the compute shows 68 UNIT, or 4.533% of 1500 unit. What does that mean? Is this Compute hours that I've read about on the pricing page? I can't imagine this little application tied up some processor for 68 hours in a few days with hardly anybody using it.

    The pricing guidance online is of little help.

    Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


    Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012 00:13


  • From billing perspective, Windows Azure does not care how much you use its instances, a little or alot.  If you have a VM allocated to you, you are paying for it the hourly fee.  Even if your site has no traffic, Microsoft must still allocate VM resources to keep around just in case someone might come and visit your site.

    Thus, if your site is running on VM's and these are small VM's, you are on the hook for $86 x 2/month.  (Microsoft recommends at least 2 VM's for redundancy reasons and for its SLA to be effective).  Compute hours are simply hours that VM's are allocated to you.

    Furthermore, database-wise, with new pricing announced, small SQL Azure databases (under 100MB) will cost approximately $5/mo.  This number is calculated on a daily basis.  Meaning, Microsoft really divides monthly totals by 30 and counts each day separately.  To your particular question, sounds like your trial account had 1gb Database for free for three month and you've used up 8% of the total free database resources allocated


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    Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012 01:25