Windows Azure Support: "Understanding Your Windows Azure Platform Bill"

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  • Your Windows Azure Platform Bill

    The Windows Azure Platform requires you procure an account to track your usage and billing. Your account can have multiple subscriptions billed either on a pay-as-you-go basis or a flat monthly fee with a contract. For detailed information about Windows Azure Platform consumption and usage offers, see the Windows Azure Platform Pricing Overview page.

    Viewing Your Bill for the Windows Azure Platform

    In the Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal (MOCP) you can view past and current bills for your Windows Azure services attached to your account. You can view billing statements on your account from the past six months up to your estimated current bill by signing into the MOCP with your Windows Live ID and clicking on Actions à View My Bills on the MOCP home page.

    Understanding the Charges on Your Bill

    In your Windows Azure Platform bill, the Current Charges section of the bill contains links to details about your monthly charges. You can get detailed information about your accounts charges by clicking on one of the following links:

    ·          Recurring Charges – These are the flat monthly charges for your base units billed in advance for your next month's service. If your subscription does not include base units, you will not have any recurring charges and this section will not appear.

    ·          Usage Charges – Monthly usage charges are for the past month's usage that surpasses the base units included with your offer. For subscriptions that have base units included in the offer, this is also known as overage.

    ·          Daily Usage – A detailed list of each Windows Azure resource consumed for each date in the selected billing period. This list can be filtered by name, date, region, and type of Windows Azure resource.

    Analyzing Your Daily Usage Data

    Depending on your usage, there can be thousands of rows of daily usage data. If you want to analyze this data more easily, you can export the data to a comma-separated values file (CSV) viewable in Microsoft Office Excel and other programs.

    Printing an Invoice

    If you are viewing your Windows Azure Platform bill and need a printable version of your invoice, click on the Printable Invoices option on the page. This option creates a single invoice file in a printable Adobe PDF format.

    For more information, see here .

    For questions related to your bill, contact Product Information and Billing Support .

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