Get Hosted Service - Service Management REST API


  • The Get Hosted Service returns you very limited information compared to what's on the azure management portal e.g, you don't get a CreatedDate or Status or CoresUsed. Also, the Service Name & Description are flipped when you caompare what you get from the API vs what you see on the portal. Is there a managed API that can provide me better & accurate information?

    13. března 2012 16:34


  • Get Hosted Service Properties ?

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    Adding to Vitor's response. For extra details about the hosted service, please ensure that you have included "embed-detail=true" in your request query string. It is also mentioned in the link Vitor mentioned. Please note that some of the things you see on the portal are not exposed through API so it will not be possible for you to get that information. A good example is "Created Date".

    15. března 2012 4:25

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