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  • Today I sign-up for free trial of Windows Azure for 90 days, before I signed up I had read that the free trial does not charge any amount from my credit card.

    Is this true?

    I need to use SQL Azure , create one database and use it from my management studio. I do not need any subscriptions. I would like to try SQL Azure.

    Would my credit card be charged for this?


    zeeshan jan

    29. února 2012 5:11


  • Hi,

    If you sign-up for free trial of Windows Azure for 90 days, as far as i know, you can use "1GB web edition SQL Azure database". But if you use more that amounts, it will cause some issues:

    "For all new subscriptions, we set a $0.00 Spending Limit on your subscription so you don’t accidently exceed the monthly benefit shown above.  If you use more in a month than the above amounts, you will exceed your $0.00 Spending Limit and your service will be disabled for that month.  Your service will be re-enabled at the start of your next billing period and, while your storage accounts and databases are retained with no loss of data, you will need to redeploy your hosted service(s).  If you choose to turn off your Spending Limit, any overage, i.e., monthly usage in excess of the above amounts, will be charged at the Pay-As-You-Go rates."

    Hope it can help you

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    29. února 2012 7:10

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