Flash crossdomain with Azure CDN


  • For right now, I have a flash/AS3 application that is running off of my domain.  I've recently created an Azure account, added a Storage Account, and attached a CDN attached to it.

    From the AS3 application, I want to call out to images that are on the CDN (which is a different domain fr0m the application). When I run the application locally, everything is fine and I get my images.  However, once I push the app to my domain and run in production, the application won't pull in any of the image from the CDN.

    I'm sure this is tied to Flash's cross domain security restrictions.  So, I've place a crossdomain.xml file at the root of my CDN.  However, Flash still won't access the images (when in production).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    (FYI. Eventually I'll have my application on Azure, but I use FluorineFX and I'm not sure how to put custom DLLs on the hosting service)

    3. března 2012 16:42


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