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  • Hi guys.

    One small question. I know the toolbox in Visual Studio has all the components, but I was wondering if we could introduce our own "custom-made" tools. For example, the listbox tool. I've created a "SpeechListBox" class in which I've mentioned all the methods that I want the listbox to use, but when I'm in my "SpeechListBoxApplication" class (where I wanna use this listbox), the listbox with my methods doesn't show up, instead the general listbox tool that doesn't have my methods shows up.

    What I want is to write something like private speechListBox1 SpeechListBox; and somehow introduce it to the design class without confusing it with the toolbox's listbox. Making the program realize that I want this type of list box, not the general toolbox type.

    Is there any way to either make our own listbox or add methods to the original listbox tool?


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