vb 2010 and windows media player



    Hi dwightlb,

    Are you sure you did import the Windows Media Player control?

    Make a right mouse button click to your toolbox .

    Select: “Select Item” (Please note I’m using a German Version, I don’t know the exact description), in every case you have to add a control.

    After this there will appear a menu with 3 register.

    .Net Framewrk Compnents

    Com Control? Or similar

    WPF Components


    Select COM Controls and search Windows Media Player. Mark it by the checkbox  and click ok.

    The control will be added to your other controls in your list box. Maybe it helps if you will arrange the list of controls alphabetically?


    Good luck.


    Liebe Grüße Stefan | Cheers Stefan I'm using VB 2008 Express
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