Azure SQL pricing question for simultaneous connections RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    if I have 2 Medium instances

    question 1:

    How many simultaneous connections I can have to Azure SQL.

    question 2

    Will support 10 000 connections per second?

    question 3

    What is the price per connetion



    07/شعبان/1432 11:06 م


  • Windows Azure hosted services and SQL Azure currently do not have connection based pricing. This only applies to Azure AppFabric service busconnection.


    1) To my knowledge, there is no hard and fast rule for maximum connections to SQL Azure. But you can expect to be throttled if you start uing too many resources.

    2) I haven't tested it this high personally or heard ofanyone that has. And per second, are we talking transactions and not connections?

    3) no connection charges.

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