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  • Hi there,

    I am struggling for hours now trying to solve the above mentioned issue.

    Running Win7 64 bits, I get this error as soon as I start a program I wrote in VB.NET. I tried to reinstall the .NET Framework 4 from scratch but did not solve the issue.

    I tried then to reinstall the assembly into the GAC, but then I got the error that 'expected to contain an assembly manifest'.

    To ensure the environment, I installed programs on Vista 32 bits, Vista 64 bits and Win 2008 32 bits (sorry I don't have any 64 bits machine available to test Win2K8 64): all of these are running well without any issue.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated as I am getting crazy ;-)

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi MVO-AS,

    I’m glad to see your reply!

    Sorry for the misunderstood for your issue.


    When did your issue occur on Win 7 machine?


    If yes, you do not need to install Vista Sp1.

    The special suggestions are as follow.

    1, could you download .NET Framework 4 from the following link?


    2, unable your anti-virus software and some security software

    3. Run your setup file as administrator

    4, install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 again


    If the installation is failed, you could follow the following steps one by one.

    1, you could download ‘Collect.exe’, which could help you to collect information during installing products. The following link is: http://go.microsoft.com/?LinkId=8967043

    How to use this tool, you could click the link as follows?


    2, Try to clean your "%temp%" folder (Start Menu >> Run >> Type "%temp%")

    The above step could ensure your installation log is only including the latest installation logs.

    3, unable your anti-virus software and some security software

    4. Run your setup file as administrator

    5, re-install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 again


    It will create a file named %temp%\vslogs.cab on your system.

    If it does not work, you could refer your log files to narrow down your issue.

    Or you could send your log files to me. (My E-Mail: v-xugong@microsoft.com)

    Note: Please attach the link of this post in the mail.


    Look forward for your good news!

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