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  • I recently came across developerfusion.com and I found a great tool on that website which converts VB.NET code to C# and vice versa. I have been testing some code using it, but I can't say if it's capable of converting both languages code accurately; I mean I'm not sure that it can handle converting complex code. It's worth trying. Try this helpful online utility and share your experience.


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  • Hi All,

    Just a short note to say that if code lines are kept short such that they do not look overly complicated,
    or you do an operation in a sequence of statements then any converter is more likely to work.


    Rather than doing

    Dim result As String = Something.SomethingElse.SomethingElseAgain.Whatever(SomeExpression).ToString

    Then try to break the line of code into a set of separate operations.

    The last step would be

    result = SimplerExpression.ToString

    I hope you get the idea of what I mean.



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