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  • Hello everyone,

    I am having a pretty strange issue with getting my Microsoft account connected to my DreamSpark account. I have connected my DreamSpark account to this Microsoft account a long time ago for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, and this product even shows up in my profile's "Apps" section.

    Now, while I am logged in with this account, there is a banner that says " now requires you to login using a Microsoft account. Our records show you previously mapped your DreamSpark account with your Microsoft account. Please login with your Microsoft account by clicking on “continue” link below in order to activate your Microsoft account in DreamSpark and update your membership. For more information, refer to our FAQ.".

    There is a little continue button on the bottom right of it, I click it and I get to either an error page which says this:

    "Our records show you have previously mapped your DreamSpark account to a different Microsoft account. In order to login to DreamSpark, you should use the same Microsoft account you mapped to your DreamSpark account. Please click ‘Sign out and continue’ to sign out your current Microsoft account and login with your mapped Microsoft account."

    (Which makes no sense, because I have never mapped my Dreamspark account to a different Microsoft account. In fact if I did I wouldn't be able to log in and see that I have previously downloaded MSVS 2012!)

    Or an account registration page which insists, in red letters: "Your Microsoft account is not registered with Please register by filling in your account information below. ". After I finish filling this out and click "Continue to verify", I then get the message "E-mail address already exists for another user." . This makes absolutely no sense. If it wasn't registered, I shouldn't get that message. So I guess what I am ultimately asking for here is a way to refresh/delete this account's association with DreamSpark, basically break all connections with the website so I can register it again. I go to a new University so this would be quite convenient, as I can register with my new school e-mail.

    Monday, September 1, 2014 4:36 PM

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