Music app continues to have issues RRS feed

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  • I posted about this issue months ago, but unfortunately the music app continues to have the same problem.

    On my phone, I continue to experience an issue where my saved playlists(ones I created on the phone) become disorganized. By disorganized, I mean that the songs lose their order in the playlist. Furthermore, the song entries are duplicated (e.g., if the song "Mi Secreto" was added to a playlist, it would after some time have multiple instances of the song "Mi Secreto" appear in the playlist. I have had 20-song playlist evolve into 100 plus song playlists without ever adding songs.

    What I see are the songs repeated over and over again. Not by any action on my part.

    Additionally, the shuffle option does not work correctly. When shuffle is selected, a song added most recently should play next. This does not occur. And even after toggling on shuffle several times, there are instances when the order of the "shuffled" songs remains exactly the same.

    I am running 8.1 with all the latest developer updates. My music library is on my MicroSD card. Music synced was synced using Windows Media Player.

    Please fix this!

    Friday, March 27, 2015 2:50 AM