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  • Hello,

       I purchased a 6TB USB 3.0 external HD (Seagate 6TB Backup Plus Hub)

       After formatting it, I started coping files to it.

       After many gigs of files were copied to it, using File Manager, I checked for the free space

       It showed 63.2 GB free of 186 GB total size, not the actual free space and not the actual 6TB total size

       I checked Disk Management (local), and it correctly showed

       5588.90 GB capacity

       2969.33 GB Free Space

       I have another 4 TB drive connected, and it shows correct values from File Manager and Disk Management.

       All other drives showed correct values everywhere

       My machine is an HP ENVY, 32 GB RAM, with a few other drives 10 TB, 4 TB, 1TB SSD, a basic machine

       When Disk Management showed me incorrect values...

       I rebooted the machine and got correct values in Disk Management, but File manager was still incorrect.

       Any ideas what is going on?

       Thank you

    Richard Loba

    Wednesday, October 23, 2019 6:37 PM

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  • Hi,

    According to User Manual, Seagate 6TB Backup Plus Hub (Windows model) is pre-formatted with NTFS. You have no need to format it.

    If you formatted it by yourself, please check if there are two partitions or more than one, and one of them is 186 GB. It can be seen in Disk Management.


    Ashidacchi --

    Wednesday, October 23, 2019 11:23 PM
  • In run type: diskmgmt.msc in msc,locate & on the device/Delete partition/Create one/Format/use NTFS file system defaults.Once thru,L. click on it/go up to Actions/All/Make Active/close out msc.A performance gain would be to my computer/properties/Advanced/Virtual Memory/Advanced/Change button..Highlite all one at a time/select Let System Manage/click set 2X for each/close out/restart pc..

    Also,USB depends on the Chipset Software-Driver+ MB storage controller,get either at pc mfg web,or pc hardware mfg,if intel,follow the link.

    Edit the 3 tabs for more downloads...Also,for other disk mgmt.,in cmd type:  DiskPart  in DiskPart,List disk/type: list volume/type: HELP  for all cmds..

    Wednesday, October 23, 2019 11:59 PM
  • Thank you for your suggestions, it is appreciated.

    I originally used the Seagate drive to backup files, and yes it was already formatted.

    When I started running into the size issues, I decided to reformat the drive just in case.

    I have successfully backed up a few TB to the drive just fine.

    The issue is, Windows File Manager fails to correctly show me the used and free bytes.

    This morning I went to check on my backup and noticed the source drive, an internal 1TB drive, was not showing the windows directory.

    This was the next thing I wanted to backup.

    I could go to MSDOS console whatever prompt, and change directory to C:\windows, and it was there.

    In file manager, I added C:\Windows to the url and it correctly opened up the windows directory, and refreshed the drive on the left file manager panel.

    I have had other things happen using File Manager for example, it showing the wrong disk label for the drive. Drive J: showing Drive L: contents.

    The shares also see to get confused as well, pointing to the wrong shared drive.

    I have added a directory on each drive so that I can identify what drive is actually being shown. Ex: a directory named "MyDDrive". 

    Then at some point the drive will say "MyDrive", but the contents shows a different drive.

    It is way messed up.

    I tried to restart, and still had issues.

    I did a shutdown, and restarted, then everything was ok.

    In case you are wondering "who is this clown writing this" :)

    I have been a software developer since Windows 1.0 (no overlapping windows 1997), and a software developer since 1980.

    This is something I have played with for months now and decided I need to get with someone that really knows what might be happening. 

    A good example why I see this as critical, months ago I blew away a bunch of directories, then realized the disk label showing in Explorer was actually a different drive. No problems, I'm always backed up, but...

    What about customers that don't know that this can happen and blow away their good data.

    This could be really bad.

    If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated by me and any other potential customers that may do this same thing.

    Thank you

    Richard Loba

    Thursday, October 24, 2019 5:58 PM
  • Hi Mke HammerFish,

    As presupposition, drive letter of USB attached device varies according to port where a device is connected.
    I have never experienced such issue as File/Windows Explorer and Disk Manager shows different size (total volume/used/available).
    Could you provide(insert or share) images of File Explorer and Disk Management, and Windows version/Build too?
    (As you know, Windows version/build can be seen by "winver" command after [Windows] + [R]) 


    Ashidacchi --

    If your USB attached HDD is formatted with MBR, it may show incorrect size.
    If so, you should change partition method from MBR to GPT.  This can be done in Disk Management.
    Refer to this article: What’s the Difference Between GPT and MBR When Partitioning a Drive?

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    Friday, October 25, 2019 12:26 AM
  • Thank you Ashidacchi for responding,

    First off - Windows 10 Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.449) - Windows update installed yesterday.

    As far as MBR or GPT, I don't remember it showing when I formatted the disk. Where can I see that?

    A windows update became available yesterday, so I updated the box and all of the VMs, etc.

    After the update I checked out the drives again and the Seagate 6TB drive still didn't show correct amounts.

    I rebooted the machine, and still incorrect disk size.

    I remember a day ago I did a full shutdown, and the drive showed correct values, so I did a full shutdown.

    Once I booted up the machine, File Manager showed correct values.

    My steps were:

    Here are the values I was after windows update and just a system restart:

    After windows update and a hard shutdown

    And here is Disk Management (local)

    From all of this I think it is possible that this whole issue might have been fixed with the windows update.

    I'm not sure why a restart would not fix the explorer view of the 6TB drive, and me having to do a full shutdown, but I will add it here for any future people that might have the same problem.

    Unfortunately the 6TB drive goes into a fire proof safe so I'll not be doing any more with this until the next time I do a full backup.

    Questionable clues are:

    1. I have another USB 3.0 4TB drive that is always connected that has been working correctly and showing correct drive sizes.

    2. Why a restart would not clear the issue, whereas a full shutdown did. 

    3. My best guess is something with the USB 3.0 driver might be a good place to look.

    Anyway, thank all of you for your responses!

    It makes Windows 10 better and better!

    Richard Loba

    Friday, October 25, 2019 5:51 PM
  • Hi Richard (Good morning from Japan),

    Firstly, congratulations!!

    A) The easiest way to know if a storage is GPT or MBR is to use Disk Management and show the property of the storage.

      [Convert to GPT Disk] is gray-out >> this storage is GPT system.

    B) Difference between [Restart] and [Shut down]
      There are many articles. an example:

    C) Two patterns of [Shut down]
      From Windows 8, a simple [shut down] appeared, which enabled to shorten the next start up.
      If we want to do a complete shut down, we can use [Shift] + [Shut down].
      It's hard for my poor English to explain. Please search in web.


    Ashidacchi --

    Friday, October 25, 2019 10:53 PM
  • Thank you Ashidacchi,

    Thanks for the GPT and MBR information.

    I always like learning something new.

    Interesting, some of my drives have Convert to GPT disk grayed, and others have Convert to MBR grayed, so now I have something else to check out.

    This has been an interesting break from development, which is always a good thing. :) 

    Have a great weekend Ashidacchi, and hello from Redmond, WA.

    Richard Loba

    Saturday, October 26, 2019 6:50 AM
  • Hi Richard,

    I've been a software developer self-employed since retired and publish several software  Some of them are freeware and some are not free.
    I'll be happy if you enjoy "WULF3" and "WULF Express 3" (they are free and compatible with English and Japanese).

    Have a happy weekend.

    Hideki ASHIDA

    Ashidacchi --

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    Saturday, October 26, 2019 8:04 AM