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  • Dear Microsoft / Microsoft Community,

    I would like to suggest you including in Windows 10 platform an application that integrates and interfaces with the most essential, local government services. For Windows 10 users, consulting these services is as important, even frequent, as consulting weather, clock alarm, calendar, email, maps and other common Windows services. Some of the essential government services that could be included in this new application are:

    1. Provision of updated (daily) information about environmental restrictions on private vehicle use.

    2. Provision of updated (minutely) information about civil protection alerts on natural and anthropogenic disasters.

    3. Interfacing with the local emergency services (for example: 911).

    4. Filing a criminal accusation at the local justice authority.

    Currently, there are some related, spare, and dispersed mobile apps, websites and services. However, there is no free, integrated, standardized and widespread application for Windows 10. Microsoft could contribute greatly to the development of the environmental, safety and justice sectors with this new application for Windows 10.

    Best regards,

    Elizabeth Anne Villegas Hernandez

    Wednesday, February 19, 2020 10:23 PM