MSDN Windows Protocols Overview Release - November 2018 RRS feed

  • General discussion

  • This release contains updated Overview Documents in the Open Specifications library on MSDN. These documents were updated on November 5, 2018 for Windows Server and Windows 10 operating systems to reflect content updates. To see details, click the Diff link on the landing pages to view the changes associated with each document.

    Technical changes have been made in the following overview:

    * [MS-RDSOD]: Remote Desktop Services Protocols

    The following overviews have been updated to reflect the latest products.

    * [MS-ADFSOD]: Active Directory Federated Services Protocols

    * [MS-ADOD]: Active Directory Protocols

    * [MS-AUTHSOD]: Authentication Services Protocols

    * [MS-AZOD]: Authorization Protocols

    * [MS-CCROD]: Content Caching and Retrieval Protocols

    * [MS-CERSOD]: Certificate Services Protocols

    * [MS-DOCO]: Windows Protocols Documentation Roadmap

    * [MS-FASOD]: File Access Services Protocols

    * [MS-FSMOD]: File Services Management Protocols

    * [MS-GPOD]: Group Policy Protocols

    * [MS-MQOD]: Message Queuing Protocols

    * [MS-MSSOD]: Media Streaming Services Protocols

    * [MS-PRSOD]: Print Services Protocol

    * [MS-RMSOD]: Rights Management Services Protocols

    * [MS-STOROD]: Storage Services Protocols

    * [MS-TPSOD]: Transaction Processing Services Protocols

    * [MS-VSOD]: Virtual Storage Protocols

    * [MS-WMOD]: Windows Management Protocols

    * [MS-WPO]: Windows Protocols Overview

    * [MS-WSUSOD]: Windows Server Update


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    Wednesday, November 7, 2018 8:49 PM