use Azure and Appfabric at the same time


  • My application already uses Apfabric Server for its caching and WCF services hosting, Now I want to use the the Azure Service Bus for my chat messaging app that levrages signnalIR but it seems you cannot use Apfabric Server in conjunction with Azure (Thanks MSFT) there are namespace conflicts it seems they conflict I guess. 

    To make matters worse I did not know you are not supposed to develop Appfabric Server and Azure based solutions on the same box since you can get namespace conflicts so now my development box is borked lol 

    It makes no sense to me why they use the same Namespaces for the core libraries when Azure and Appfabric cannot coexist.

    How can I intergrate the Azure Service Bus (only thing i need from Azure) with an exsiting web application that uses Appfabric Server.

    and In case you are wondering , we prefer to keep our distributed Cache local and not In Azure for performance reasons.


    2012年2月22日 下午 11:29


  • Which namespaces seem to be conflicting? Are you talking about needing different versions of the Azure SDK on the same box?


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    2012年2月23日 下午 03:02
  • assemblyref://Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Client version

    now when I install the Azure Dev kit version 1.6 it puts

    assemblyref://Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Client version  version 101.0.0

    in the gac and my application stops working

    I would have though I could leverage the Azure Service Bus and leave my current Appfabric Caching Intact

    Right now I am just doing normal MVC development on my visual studio 2010 box .Net framework 4.0 sp1REL

    I tried to install the Azure SDK and it breaks my app on that Caching.Client Reference. 

    ANy ideas

    2012年2月23日 下午 03:57
  • It seems like something that could be handled by updating the assembly binding redirection settings, although I am not sure if the problem is just with the reference in your application or if the updated version breaks the caching runtime too.

    I think other people have reported this issue over on the Service Bus EAI forum.


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    2012年2月23日 下午 06:02