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Create a rule for AppFabric topic using REST API


  • I am trying to create a rule for an AppFabric Topic subscription using REST API.

    First I create a topic, then I create a subscription and finally I want to create a rule that will filter messages for my subscription.

    I succeeded to create the topic and the subscription but when I sent the PUT request to create the rule I Got a 400 error – "Bad request".


    var ruleAddress = string.Format("https://{0}{1}/subscriptions/{2}/rules/{3}", serviceNamespace, topicName, subscriptionName, druleName);


    WebClient webClient = new WebClient();

    webClient.Headers[HttpRequestHeader.Authorization] = token;


    var putData = @"<entry xmlns="""">
    <title type=""text"">testrule</title>
     <content type=""application/xml""> 
        <RuleDescription xmlns:i="""" xmlns="""">
          <Filter i:type=""SqlFilterExpression"">
     webClient.UploadData(ruleAddress, "PUT"Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(putData));


    Does anyone know where I can find an example that demonstrates how to create a rule using the REST api? Or even better does anyone know why do I get the "Bad request Error"?





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  • Hi Manu,

    - try the following:

    <entry xmlns=''>              
      <content type='application/xml'>    
        <RuleDescription xmlns:i="" xmlns="">                 
         <Filter i:type='SqlFilter'>   





    Roman Kiss, MVP Connected System Developer
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