Unclear docs on how to get AppID


  • Hi, I'm trying to use Bing to retrieve search results programmatically.  I'm trying to get the AppID so that I can dynamically build a URL to do so.  In order to find out how to create an AppID, I went to this site:

    I already have a hotmail account, so I figured I'd use that for now.  When I get to #2 in the list, I got to the specified link and try to find "Get started by applying for an AppId now"... which I don't see.  But, I have 5 options at the top: Learn, Applications, Data, My Account and Publish.  I click on "My Account" and I see a Primary Account Key and a Customer ID... is the Primary Account Key my AppID?  Am I even in the right place from the getgo?

    Some help on this would be appreciated :) .

    Friday, June 07, 2013 8:04 PM


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