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  • Hi Adrian,

    Thank you for your interest developing Metro Apps for the Windows Store.  We are also very excited about the Windows Store and Metro Style Apps.  You will be able to register for a Windows Store developer account and submit apps if you live OR operate a business in the countries/regions listed in the table for Developer Account Countries/Regions section in the link below.






    • 답변으로 표시됨 Adrian Trif 2011년 12월 23일 금요일 오후 9:18
    2011년 12월 23일 금요일 오후 9:04
  • Thanks for the reply, Dawn.

    How come Romania is not on that list? I'm sure there are plenty of developers in Romania who would like to create & publish apps in the store.

    It's certainly a lot more difficult and risky for me to set up a business in a foreign country just to publish an app on the store. I don't understand the reason for not allowing us to publish like the other countries...we certainly have the broadband connectivity to do it and we have Microsoft Romania, a local branch of Microsoft.

    Is it a legal issue or maybe a banking issue? It just doesn't seem fair to me. Is there no way to put Romania on that list?


    • 편집됨 Adrian Trif 2011년 12월 23일 금요일 오후 9:37
    2011년 12월 23일 금요일 오후 9:27
  • Hi Adrian,

    We will soon be blogging about this topic. Please check the blog for the Windows Store to see updates on this topic.



    2011년 12월 27일 화요일 오후 6:54
  • Hi Dawn,

    I'll keep an eye on the blog.

    Hope there will be a solution soon.

    2011년 12월 27일 화요일 오후 7:03
  • Good to see a fellow Romanian developer excited about Windows 8. 

    I hope we'll get to see an update sooner rather than later.

    2012년 1월 10일 화요일 오후 1:27
  • What do I need to register for the app store?

    Did I only need a .NET developer account or is there something other too?

    When could we register for the app store?

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards


    2012년 2월 23일 목요일 오후 12:23
  • Hi Roman,

    When Windows 8 is available, you will be able to register for a Windows Store developer account and submit apps if you live or operate a business in a country or region listed in this table.  When you create a developer account you will have two choices: 

    1. Register as an individual: This is appropriate when you have not formed a business entity specifically for the purpose of developing and selling apps. This requires that you live in one of the developer markets that the Windows Store supports.
    2. Register as a company: This is appropriate if you have a business entity specifically for the purpose of developing and selling apps. You must have the business registered in one of the developer markets that the Windows Store supports. We verify the identity of every business.

    The annual registration fee in the table is what it costs to register for your Windows Store developer account for a year. Additionally, if you intend to sell paid apps or plan to use the Windows Store’s in-app purchase platform, you must specify how you want to receive payments. The payment methods available depend on the market you register from. You are also required to submit the necessary electronic tax forms to receive payment from Microsoft.

    For more details on developer accounts, please see the Global Reach blog, the Developer accounts and app submission markets section of Windows Store markets, and the App Developer Agreement.



    2012년 2월 27일 월요일 오후 8:55
  • Dawn,

    When will we be able to open a developer account. One currently needs a registration code in order to register. I thought it would open today with the Consumer Preview release.


    2012년 2월 29일 수요일 오후 8:21
  • Hi all,

    Once Windows 8 is complete, the Store will be open for all developers to register. However, during the early testing phase of the Store, such as Windows 8 Consumer Preview, we will be working with a hand-picked collection of third party developers. Over time, throughout the pre-release phase, we will be adding new developers. If you are not currently a registered Windows 8 developer, you will have a chance to potentially join later by attending one of our Windows 8 camps being conducted around the globe starting next month.



    2012년 3월 1일 목요일 오전 12:02
  • How about you let published Windows Phone developers in?  Pretty please?
    2012년 3월 1일 목요일 오전 1:36
  • Hi!

    It will be important for us to reserve the name of our app asap. However, today the store only allows registration from people/companies in the US , france, and a handful of countries but not Canada, is there any way I can still register the name?


    2012년 3월 1일 목요일 오후 12:20
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your question.  You cannot reserve an app name unless you are a registered developer for the Windows Store and the Windows Store will be open for all developers to register once Windows 8 is complete.




    2012년 3월 1일 목요일 오후 7:01
  • Hi Dawn,

    When will Canada be listed as an option when configuring my account type?

    2012년 3월 1일 목요일 오후 11:59
  • Can we only submit metro style apps or normal windows apps too?

    When will Austria be listed as an option when configuring my account type at (, because Germany is already on the list.

    • 편집됨 Roman80 2012년 3월 3일 토요일 오후 9:25
    2012년 3월 3일 토요일 오후 9:23
  • So we'll have to wait until October until we can submit apps? That means we have 8 months to make them?

    I live in the UK.

    2012년 3월 8일 목요일 오후 2:55
  • Hi Roman,

    This thread should answer the Windows app question you have.


    2012년 3월 14일 수요일 오후 3:34
  • Hi Dawn, 

    Please consider Indonesia, so we can register as Windows 8 developer account.


    Yusak Setiawan

    2012년 3월 15일 목요일 오후 2:43
  • Hi, I'm a Developer from Philippines, I'd like to have my country listed aswell, and hopefully Local Banks Accounts, will be accepted (ATM, Credit Card, Debit ) etc... I'm really excited with the new platform!

    Thank you very much

    2012년 3월 22일 목요일 오전 3:33
  • Hi,

    Please reconsider Romania for the developer countries. There are a lot of great companies that would like to submit their products in the store.



    2012년 6월 19일 화요일 오전 8:08
  • I don't get it. A few weeks ago came the announcement that 180 countries will be eligible to publish apps for Windows Phone and now with Windows 8 we see the old Windows Phone supported countries list ??? Is this a joke?

    P.S. I am from Bulgaria and there are quite a lot guys here writing both Phone and Win 8 apps

    2012년 7월 13일 금요일 오전 10:32
  • I live in Ukraine, and my country too, not in the list. I was very sad. I am willing to pay for a subscription. But I can not do that. I do not want to wait half a year (or as much time unknown) until I had the opportunity to register - perhaps because of this I will lose my money because late with the publication of my application. In my opinion it's not fair to other software developers. By the way the same story with Marketplace for windows phone! I have long been some great ideas for applications that will undoubtedly require all owners of phones with Windows Phone. But then again, I can not log in from the Ukraine ... It turns out that in order for me to properly develop applications I need to emigrate to Russia. In my opinion it's not fair! By the way on a Microsoft conference said that Ukraine has the most developers, then I have a question for which you do not think about them?

    Regards Кonstantine

    2012년 7월 19일 목요일 오후 1:39
  • Hi Dawn,

    I am from Bolivia, and I am very exited to develop Windows 8 Apps. So, when Windows 8 and Windows Store are available, I would like to know if I will be able to:

    • Register as an Individual Windows Store Developer
    • Submit and sell Windows Apps in the Windows Store
    • Receive the payments for the Apps sold in the Windows Store



    2012년 7월 23일 월요일 오후 9:53
  • Hi,

    I am from Macedonia, and i would like to develop and sell apps in Windows Store but my country is not listed in the countries list. I have few friends who are planing to do this from this country but as i see it's not possible? Is there information if Macedonia will enter in developer list for Windows Store?


    2012년 8월 17일 금요일 오후 1:24
  • Hi Emrah,

    There is no further information at the moment. However you can keep checking this link that Dawn Provided above and pay attention to the Building Windows 8 Blog for any updates.


    2012년 8월 17일 금요일 오후 3:43
  • Hi, I'm a developer from Maldives and I really want to publish my apps. please list my country for the store developer account.


    2012년 10월 29일 월요일 오후 7:30
  • Why not dear!

    You can Do it by just having a DreamSpark Account.

    2012년 11월 5일 월요일 오후 4:37
  • Hi, I am from Lebanon and my country is also not listed. I hope that it will be listed soon...


    2012년 12월 28일 금요일 오후 8:04
  • Where is Cyprus, i want to submit a metro app to the store
    2013년 3월 15일 금요일 오후 11:38